Healthy female rivalry

Female rivalry – Encouraging healthy competition

One of the most prevailing notions about women is that we generally compare, compete, undermine and undercut one another. I personally find it refreshing when women find other women talented enough to work with them, to collaborate with them, or even to do just do business with them while having a healthy female rivalry. I consider such supportive women as feminist heroines.

healthy female Rivalry

While female rivalry is typically associated with negative signs like back-biting, criticism, guilt friendships and undermining of each others achievements, a healthy female rivalry comes with its unique perks. Feeling on guard around other ladies is exhausting and can be avoided with simple steps like remaining committed to your principles, taking the time to stop & think and avoiding unnecessary risk in the name of competition. A healthy dosage of competition and compassion means allowing yourself to do well by embracing a positive feeling of empowerment and strength whilst at the same time caring about friends’ feelings and supporting them in their own growth. Top among the benefits of a healthy female rivalry are:

  • It builds motivation
  • It pushes your creative ability
  • You’ll learn to perform under pressure
  • It boost self-confidence
  • Success comes with a lot of excitement

Competition does not always have to be dangerous; you can apply it as a form of motivation and also allow for healthy sublimation of aggression as well. Watch our full episode:

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