Introducing PEPTALK Season 1 Episode 10 full episode with our guests Property Developer Moyin Gbolade and Co-Founder Formula Chemicals Jennifer Hodges-Barker who both can relate to this week’s topic. Moyin is married to a Romanian (Caucasian) Man whilst Jennifer was born into a mixed family (Half Zimbabwean + Irish) and now married to an English man. Now you know this this episode will be a very realistic and juicy one. Catch us as we talk about cultural differences. Would you Circumcise your son or pierce your daughters ears at a very early age as Africans do? Would the other half subject their child to it as their culture opposes things like this? You screen is about to be blown. Watch and enjoy the scoops. Don’t forget to join in the conversation by leaving us a comment. What are your thoughts? are you in this situation or finding yourself in this situation? We would love to hear from you.

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