We dedicate the start of this month with this week’s episode where we talk about why black women struggle more with domestic violence with Chinelo Bally of The Great Sewing Bee and Aderiyike Makinde CEO Travel Conzult. Month of October is Domestic Violence awareness month. 1 in 3 women will be victims of domestic violence. Maybe you are a survivor, a victim or you know someone affected by domestic violence. Many times survivors are encouraged to keep quiet about their experience because their stories make people uncomfortable. Let us speak up and transform things around. Let us discuss this to help the next person going through it or for some it may help them identify the signs at an early stage. First segment topic: “How to Identify your gifts” As Africans/black people in general, natural gifts in children sometimes looks or sounds like a joke or something that you can never turn to strength or make something out of, whilst some eventually build up on it, some let it die within them. Your gifts flourishing or dying is in the hands of the people around you especially parents. Identify the gifts in you/children and build up on it. It is the easiest thing you can bank on to make you successful in life. On the second segment, the host Jo Maxwell asked the guests why black women struggle more with Domestic Violence. Now we know there are a lot of reasons women tend to stay in an abusive relationship. Fear of stigmatisation is one of the many reasons we discussed.

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