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Balancing your relationship and career as a woman

When it comes to career and fatherhood, high-achieving men don’t have to deal with difficult trade-offs, generally speaking the more successful the man, the more likely he will find a spouse and become a father. The opposite holds true for women, and the disparity is particularly striking among corporate ultra-achievers. Women face all the challenges that men do in working long hours and withstanding the pressures of high-altitude careers but they also face unique challenges of their own. Does this mean that women cant have it all? Is there any foolproof chance of balancing your relationship and career as a successful woman?

A level playing field

For most women, the dual burden of taking care of a home and family, as well as holding down and excelling at their jobs is a never-ending uphill race that can only be won with a significant shift in the mindset of traditional gender roles in the family. The involvement of women in the economic workforce and public life has not been reciprocated by a shift among men into domestic work and reproductive life. Overcoming this inflexibility in women’s and men’s roles within marriage is therefore important. By the very definition of role flexibility, both men and women have equal responsibility for domestic and caretaker tasks within the family, on the basis of fair agreement and commitment. Doing the dishes, laundry, ironing, cooking, feeding the baby and so on are not solely the wife’s job, but also the responsibility of the husband. Equal doesn’t always mean similar, so different families might apportion tasks in different ways to each member of the family. Well balanced responsibilities with most likely to going to create room for balancing your relationship and career as a woman

Achieving work-life balance

Balancing your relationship and career

It is no easy task to achieve work-life balance in today’s unpredictable and fast-paced business world. As we become more connected through technology and social media, it is growing increasingly difficult to separate work from our personal lives. Work-life balance is the state of equilibrium where a person equally prioritizes the demands of one’s career and the demands of one’s personal life. As a working woman, poor work-life balance could leave you stressed out and having little or no time for your relationship, this can be counterproductive to balancing your marriage and career. Its always advisable to find a job that you love, don’t be afraid to unplug from the corporate world from time to time, prioritize your physical, mental and emotional health and set strict boundaries with work hours.

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