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The Gift of YOU: Five ways to invest in yourself

The Gift of YOU: Five ways to invest in yourself

I once had a patient; career female in her 40’s with chronic knee pain who wanted to get her knees ‘fixed’ by the bone doctors.

The only problem is both knees were painful and she was of robust proportions. After several visits of dancing around the issue, she blurted out “Doctor, I know I’m fat” in a jovial manner “I’d rather give up my left arm than not eat though” she continued. We both laughed about it and left it at that. She had made a choice.

Investing in anything (business, children, health) is a slow and sometimes painful process. The end however justifies the means.

As I discussed at the Passionate Empowered Women Networking evening, you are your most valuable asset.

Five ways to start or increase your investment in yourself:

  • Health MOT: a basic check of your health and fitness. If you are under 40,your check can be done at your local gym.
  • Nutrition: What you put in your mouth is as important as the next point. Indulge once in a while; however keep most of your food clean. Avoid refined sugars and excessive snacking.
  • Exercise: This is a lifesaver. 150minutes a week of intense physical exercise will not only keep you looking awesome, it will improve your physical and most of all mental health. It would have helped my patient with her knees. Start small and keep going. You can do it!
  • Read (Learn): ‘knowledge is power’. I love a good book however with a busy lifestyle you may find it challenging to carve out the time. Try podcasts, audiobooks and summaries.
  • Sleep: The benefits of a good night’s sleep are endless. The average adult requires between 6-8hrs of sleep. Research after research has found strong evidence between lack of sleep and disease. Give yourself the gift of sleep.

A little bit each day goes a long way. Let me know how your investment is going! Good luck!

Article written byDr Monica Alabi Monica Alabi Healthcare Consultant –  Vine Health

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